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Moleac Pte Ltd

Moleac is founded in 2003 and is dedicated to develop innovative and high-quality therapeutics in neurology to supplement existing treatments for conditions where significant unmet needs remain. Its product NeuroAiD™ II is a natural product combining nine active herbal extracts in the form of capsules.

NeuroAiD™ II is distributed in over 35 countries. Under local regulations, its status varies from Food Supplement to Drug, and its status varies from country to country, and so does the indication for which it is recommended and approved. In Singapore, NeuroAiD™ II has been classified as Chinese Proprietary Medicine (CPM) by Health Sciences Authority (HSA) Singapore and available since 2010. It is indicated to “Support neurological, motor and cognitive functions resulting in better quality of life.

Moleac is committed to helping patients and their families reconnect with their lives. Investments in research and development (R&D) is ongoing for discovery of innovative therapeutics. Over 45 scientific papers have been published since 2009 including pharmacological studies assessing the multiples properties of the product. This extensive research gives strong international recognition to NeuroAiD™ II. At Moleac, we always place patients’ interest at the centre of everything we do and we operate with integrity, trust and reactivity.