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GSK Consumer Healthcare Singapore Pte. Ltd

GSK Consumer Healthcare Singapore is a science-led global healthcare company with a mission: to help more people do more, feel better and live longer. The products that we research and develop can improve people’s health and well-being, ultimately helping them to live life to its fullest and contribute to the prosperity of our communities. Our goal is to build a global, growing business, dedicated to everyday healthcare with all of the scientific expertise and quality guarantees that demands, working at the speed and with the genuine consumer understanding the modern world expects.

GSK Consumer Healthcare Singapore owns some of Singapore’s best loved healthcare brands such as Scott’s, which has been nurturing family health for over 100 years. Our iconic fisherman has become the brand’s icon of reliability and quality, symbolising our effort in safeguarding each family’s growth and development. We work tirelessly to provide the very best in everyday nutritional healthcare, keeping families healthy, protected and prepared, so they can make the most of every moment together.