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Blackmores (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Blackmores was founded in the 1930s in Queensland, Australia. Under founder Maurice Blackmore’s (incumbent chairman Marcus Blackmore’s father) dreams and dedication to leadership, we are proud to be pioneers in natural healthcare and remain committed to delivering new and innovative products, reliable health information and unsurpassed quality to our customers.

Our naturopathic heritage has a strong influence on the way we approach health conditions and maintenance of wellbeing. Blackmores’ unrivalled heritage and philosophy are at the heart of who we are today and guides our holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

Blackmores combine scientific evidence and conventional wisdom, in order to provide a more natural way for customers to promote health. Whether the enterprise as a whole or individual employees, from the provision of products and services as well as commitment to the natural environment, we are committed to becoming the industry leader. To pursue optimal health requires knowledge based on reliable and trustworthy information. We understand that you have to make decisions for your physical and mental health every day, it is our desire to provide you with more wisdom to help you make the right decision.